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August 2012
Asuka Tenjoin:
-Angry, she had enough of answer questions, she HAD to take charge, so she walked into Manjoume's room- I need to talk to you, Manjoume! I don't want to be third in charge!

Jun Manjoume: -Looks up and stood up- "Look, Tenjoin, there's a reason Saiou set me second in charge. If he's gone, then I'm in charge. If I'm gone, then you're in charge. Understand?"

Asuka Tenjoin: -Gets annoyed at hearing that- I want to be in charge! I mean, with you in charge: Everyone would be jealous. You're a gloat, and you're a real jerk ar times. 'And he might take advantage. I know he'd never do that, but still. Concidering everyone sees me as a girl first then a Duelist.'

Jun Manjoume: [ You gave my inner Manjoume an idea. xDDD ] -Raises an eyebrow- "I love you, Tenjoin, but I can't do that. Master's orders."

Asuka Tenjoin: ( If you think THAT's funny, wait 'till ya see what I have planned! XDDD ) -Leans on Manjoume desk- What he doesn't know won't hurt him, Manjoume. -Glares at Manjoume-

Jun Manjoume: [ OMG!!! LOL'ED XDDD ] -Frowns- "He's a fortune teller. He knows all. So, I'd rather keep his orders then face the consequences, Tenjoin."

Asuka Tenjoin: -She crosses her arms, still glaring at Manjoume- He might've gone back to our time. I doubt he'd be back in a while.

Jun Manjoume: -Also crosses his arms- "I can't take that risk. Consequences, Tenjoin. It could come at anytime."

Asuka Tenjoin: -Desides to use his love to take charge- Manjoume? Can't I even take over for a day? -Lifts her leg to sit on his desk-

Jun Manjoume: [ LOL'ED XDDD ] -Bluuuuuuuuushes xD- "What!? W-Well..."

Asuka Tenjoin: ( XDDD ) -Smiles slight to see her plan working- 'Pleeeeeease? I'll give you a kiss on the cheek.

Jun Manjoume: -Red- "A-A Kiss on the cheek?" -Somewhat excited xD- 'M-Maybe a day... Hell, maybe a week!'

Asuka Tenjoin: -Nods slowly- Maybe even more... The more you leave me in charge, the more kisses you get... And they get closer to your lips...

Jun Manjoume: -Completely freezes- "O-On the lips?"

Asuka Tenjoin: -Nods again, giving a sly smile- Yup... Each time. So, will you leave me in charge... Pleeeeeeeease?

Jun Manjoume: -Deeply thinks about this while staring at Asuka- 'Saiou would be disappointed in me if I leave Asuka in charge. He left me in charge because I'm the next strongest duelist beside him... However, Tenjoin is stronger by me when it comes to emotion... So, should I leave her in charge, or say no? Oooh, if I say no, then I'd lose her!' -Looks at her, as red as a tomato-

Asuka Tenjoin: -Winks at Manjoume playfully-

Jun Manjoume: -Literally about to faint due to dizzyness because he loves her so much xD- "F-Fine! You're in charge! However, I-I doubt Saiou would approve of this!" -Stands up from his desk, and walks up to Asuka- "I'll announce the change. All hail the Light!"

Asuka Tenjoin: -Before Manjoume leaves, she grabs him by the collar, and pulls him close so she could give him a kiss on the cheek- Thank you, Manjoume! You're sweet! -Smiles softly-

Jun Manjoume: -Nearly fainted because she kissed him on the cheek- "Ooh, you're welcome." -Walks out- "A-All hail the Light...!" -Faints outside of the door xD-

Asuka Tenjoin: ( PFFT XDDD ) -Smiles softly, and sits down on the deck, feeling sucess- If only Johan and Juudai were here, then they'd be laughing, and I'd be happy. -Giggles to herself before sadly smiling... She loved them both, but she couldn't choose between one, or the other... It upset her very much... She stopped smiling- ... Yeah... Very happy indeed. -She sighed before pulling out papers on what she could do as currently leader of the Soceity of Light-

[ Asuka walks into Manjoume's SoL office, asking him to take charge. However, Manjoume said no. So, she tried another way, and suceeded. :3

Davie and I like Valentineshipping, but we still support Ceruleanshipping, and Finaceshipping. So, I hope you enjoyed this! We got a kick outta this RP! XDDD ]
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((Nice~ You go Asuka~))
Jun-Manjoume-Kun Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012
[ Yus! XDDD ]
YamiYuugi-Atemu Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
((OMG!!! I loled!!! xDDDD Asuka became second in command with kisses! xDDD :giggle:))
Jun-Manjoume-Kun Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012
[ Yus! XDDD ]
Jun-Manjoume-Kun Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2012
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